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Fetishes -Domination -Roleplay and -Wild Sex I m enjoying sharing with you my past experiences about fetishes and I m always happy to learn more. All of you have many different desires abount a single fetish and there you all make them being unique by the way you want to explore it with me. Would be real helpful for you to not be shy or reserved with me and sharing your vision with me to give you the best experience! Domination is an art from my opinion, I do love both ways so i m a SWITCH that's mean I can be your Mistress or your Sub , those different can be possible because I have a great control of myself , what make it for me being so easy and natural. Having a huge pleasure of controlling You or letting myself in your hands.
About the roleplays. I can say that i m getting so deep inside of the role that i believe it is real, maybe I would win the Oscar lol ,no chances but the chance for you to love our time together is guaranteed!
Behind all the fetishes and domination, I m a WOMAN, so i can let the fetishes stuff away and enjoy a good , passionate, wild, kinky or rough fantasy/real sex with you .The higher number of my orgasm was over 30( not sure if i was able to count them) and that it was in just 1 hour session . Even if i m getting wet and creamy pretty fast not able yet to squirt every time but maybe you will be able to make me squirt for you over and over!

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I am just beginning to explore my sexuality and I'm fascinated with the idea of being watched and older guys excite me.

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Hello to all of you who are curious to find out more things about me. I am here because it would be a huge shame to not share myself with the whole world. I have a University degree in Economics and have been working as a manager for 9 years. I considered myself smart enough to start out as my own boss with my own business. I failed and had to restart at zero. As life would have it I originally thought I would do this for only a few months. But time flys and here I am 7 years later and I am still doing what i love. Everyday day I strive to get better as a cam model.

09/23/2022 14:35
xey and wonderful, o love it
manuel owen
07/21/2022 00:32
yes i need you
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